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August 02 2017


How to Master Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is used to make spreadsheets and they can be very difficult to make and read if a person does not know the inner workings of Microsoft Excel. It can also take up a lot of time and still have mistakes and because spreadsheets are usually a mile long, a mistake can cause the whole spreadsheet to be wrong and would need to be made again.  https://www.chicagoexcelclasses.com/ is a website that offers courses to learn and master Microsoft Excel within a short period of time. They offer one day courses to learn all about Excel and also week courses or for however long time a person wants.

Mastering Microsoft Excel in steps:

The step by step process of mastering Microsoft Office Excel is written below:

Open the Microsoft Excel app:

The main page of Microsoft Excel is the same as any other homepage of Microsoft apps and shows different options to choose from so that the user can choose according to its need. Mostly the option ‘create a new document’ is chosen unless editing in a previously existing document is required

Common tasks in Microsoft Excel:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Applying Conditional Formatting: formatting cells can make the spreadsheet more interesting to read and can also be used to highlight the important cells so that there is no time wasted in finding that cell whenever needed in the long spreadsheet.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Freezing Rows and Columns: freezing rows and columns is also a good to aid in working on the spreadsheet. To do this, there is an option on the window section called ‘freeze panes’ that can be used to freeze any cell.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Using Formulas: Excel has a list of formulas that can be applied during work to make the work faster and easier. However, the formula should be correct and properly applied.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Using Pivot Tables: Pivot table is even easier than using formulas and save up a lot of time and also makes sure that the data is correct because all the calculation is done by the app itself.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Inserting Page Breaks: Inserting page breaks in the spreadsheets makes the printing process of the spreadsheet a lot easier because the spreadsheets are usually too long and cannot fit into one paper. It can be done by selecting the desired cell and dragging the cursor to the desired cell to make a page for printing.




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